Robert Bell


I have a reputation of being honest and to the point about the business of hairdressing. I have over 47 years of experience behind me in all areas of hairdressing. I deliver precision work, taking my inspiration from the client’s needs and what I think will make her/him look fabulous.

I trained in Knightsbridge and worked in Hollywood and Europe for many years before starting my new company in 1990 in Essex and East London. I have trained many young people who have gone on to be very successful and creative hairdressers.

I have a very interesting clientele, rich and diverse and they travel from near and far. I even have clients from when I worked in Knightsbridge, I am a fortunate guy in that respect. My clients range from wealthy business people, some very famous (I don’t like the word celebrity) to people who don’t have much money to spend on their hair. I treat all my clients with the same respect and interest. My clients are why I am here and I never lose sight of that.

I have accolades that go back as far as the Evening Standard’s ‘Junior Of The Year’ award in 1976. My wife, Kimberley, and I have been nominated three times for the L’0real Colour Trophy and the British Hairdresser of the Year award.